Race: Sand Elf
Gender: Male
Affiliation: None
Appears in: Light Orb Saga
Location: The Sandsea

Zhoom is a non-playable character that lives in The Sandsea. He is a Ranger and Bounty Hunter who was employed recently by Emperor Sek Duat XV, hunting down members of the resistance, until the Light Orb Saga, the story quest-chain given by him. His mother was a Sand Elf, resulting in pointed ears on Zhoom's account.

Appearance and Personality

Zhoom's distinguishable traits are his pointed ears, inherited from his mother, a Sand Elf, and various black tattoos in his arms and cheeks, under his dark green eyes. He also is depicted with olive skin and black, shoulder-length black hair.


Early Life

Zhoom's childhood was not a pleasant one. His mother was killed by minions of Sek Duat XIV when he purged the Sandsea of all sandelves, and he was forced to live on his own. It is unknown what happened to his father. Zhoom left the Sandsea, but returned when Sek Duat XV heard of his skills and hired him to hunt down members of the resistance. Zhoom accepted the job, if only for the gold.

When Zhoom was enlisted under Sek Duat XV, he may or may not have known about the rebellion. But he found out soon enough. Sek Duat XV's reign was so cruel that a portion of the desert people had revolted against him, and it was Zhoom's job to hunt down every last one. Zhoom takes pride in his skills as a bounty hunter, but he is also a ranger. Acording to him, it one of the most rewarding fields in existence. Zhoom is completely dedicated to being a ranger ... but he's even more dedicated to money! He hates Sek Duat's reign, since it was by Sek Duat XV's hand that his mother was killed, but he will continue to serve the current dictator for as long as his pay continues.

Light Orb Saga

Zhoom meets the Hero for the first time when (s)he comes to the Sandsea in search of the Orb of Light. Soon after encountering him/her, he accepts his/her help in putting down the rebellion against Sek Duat's reign. It's not long before Zhoom realises that the Hero is really working for the rebels, though he chooses to let him/her think that he believes otherwise so that he can make a trap and because he likes the thrill of the game.            


In real life, Zhoom is one of AE's programmers.