Okay now , throughout my gametime on DF I've found lots of good guests to invite to your team. Please take note that most will be able to be attacked, and therefore killed. So you've been warned.

  • Atrix - He's probably one of the best you can get . He's also available early ,once you go to him for being paladin /a normal visit ot doomswood. His level is that or your . And it progress likewise .
  • Tomix - Go to falconreach and go into the inn. Then click the option "Rest untill evening." Then (in the main area) go down, then left, left again, then go up. Go into the portal and talk to Tomix. Then start the Dusk Alley quest. After he is done talking you will be able to start the quest or go back. Tomix has been put in Guest slot A. Click back and go into a battle. He is very good, he has 4 skills probably, and is very usefull for boss fights.
  • Aegis - Complete all the ravenloss quests and kill Greed. Then talk to Tomix and star "Become a soulweaver." You will go into a fairly lengthy cutscene, and afterwards you can invite Aegis as a Guest. Honestly he's my favorite Guest because his skills are superior to fire types (and most others for that matter) and are very powerful.
  • Rolith - Go to oaklore and talk to Rolith. At the bottom you'll see you can invite him as a guest.

Pearl 04:51, August 12, 2015 (UTC)

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