Each Easter egg will looks like this.

Hey everyone!

Yes, this is a blog post not related to this wiki at ALL – or is it? Not everything here has to do with DragonFable! As a team, we can all work together to do something fun! Therefore, I am taking the first initiative to creating something called the “Dragonfable Wikia Easter Hunt!” Scattered around random pages on this wiki, I will hide Easter eggs that will contain a code of letters and numbers. Everyone’s job AS A TEAM is to find all the eggs by copying the code located on the bottom of the egg and pasting it on this blog.

If you don’t, the Grinch will win, spoiling this holiday. Can you find them?

Current Easter Eggs Found: 0/4 - 0% COMPLETED

Currently, each Easter egg is worth 15 points.

  • Location 1:???
  • Location 2:???
  • Location 3:???
  • Location 4:???


Yes, the spirit points are located here. Make sure that the wikia team as a whole does better than the Grinch or else Easter is ruined! After the event is over, your spirit points will be saved for the next event.

1. The Grinch AKA "MWAH HAH HAH" - 15 points

2. The Heroes - 0 points

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