Hi everyone!

Usually I write these blog posts for myself to see what I have accomplished throughout this game, but you are more than welcome to read this. It might not help you in any way though.

The following is my schedule for February 2013. I will plan a schedule of what I want to achieve every month.


February 19 - COMPLETED

All Defender's Dragon Ring I-XXI) completed (on time). It took a long time, but I feel so accomplished!

February 23 - COMPLETED

24 Defender's Rings completed (3 days early)! Finally! A quarter of my ultimate goal complete. Feels so good.

February 25 - COMPLETED

Defender's Medal page and Defender's Dragon Necklace I-V pages completed (3 days early).

February 27 - COMPLETED

Next goal: Complete Defender's Dragon Necklaces VI-XXIV (2 days early).

As you can see, my plans of this wiki have already been planned out until the end of the month. Of course, this schedule will keep going. Unless there is an emergency, I will continue my schedule as follows.


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