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Hi there! My internet username is 3primetime3. I will do the best I can to keep DragonFable Wiki up to date!

Status in DragonFable

In this RPG game, I am a level 51 Riftwalker named Dr. Possible. I obtained my dragon amulet approximately a year ago, but I am currently still playing to level up my character. My character ID is #43364882 for those people who want to battle me.

Since I have now finished the storyline, I have completed most side quests, trained my health/mana potions, fished, cooked, and did pretty much everything in DragonFable. Besides the incoming news, if I have missed any quests, please post it on my discussion page. I love doing it!


For a Level 51 Riftwalker, here are the stats that I have trained. If there is a suggestion in changing this, please let me know.

  • STR: 48 + 21
  • INT: 0 + 15
  • DEX: 0 + 10
  • END: 48 + 21
  • CHA: 48 + 11
  • LUK: 48 + 10
  • WIX: 48 + 12

Dragon Stats

My dragon's name is Starblazer. These are his current stats.

  • As a dragonrider: 14/14
  • As a baby dragon: 442/600

My Stats as Other Classes

These are the classes I have trained so far (that is not a calendar armor). However, there might be more that I don't know are in existence. Please tell me if you think there is one I don't know of.

  • Base Armor (14/14)
  • Guardian (0/14)
  • DeathKnight (14/14)
  • DragonLord (14/14)
  • Evolved DragonLord (14/14)
  • DragonRider (14/14)
  • Pirate (12/14)
  • Ninja (3/14)
  • Ranger (14/14)
  • PumpkinLord (14/14)
  • Evolved PumpkinLord (14/14)
  • Frost Moglin (14/14)
  • Necromancer (14/14)
  • Paladin (14/14)
  • DragonSlayer (14/14)
  • SoulWeaver (14/14)
  • Technomancer (14/14)
  • Atealan (14/14)
  • Togslayer (14/14)
  • DoomKnight (0/14)
  • Adept (0/14)
  • Evolved Chickencow (14/14)
  • GPS (0/14)
  • Entropy (0/14)

Badges Obtained

So far, I have obtained the following badges shown below. If you need help getting any of the badges I have received so far, feel free to talk to me in my discussion page.

Armor Badges

  • Egg-cellent! - Obtain 1 Dragon Egg!
  • Baby Dragon - Hatched baby dragon. Aww!
  • Dragon School - Do Lady Celestia's Baby Dragon Quests!
  • Oaklore Navigation - Make your way through Oaklore forest!
  • More Boxes! - Sneevils like boxes and badges!
  • Hugs for DoomKittens - Defeat the DoomKitten!
  • Information on Sepulchure - Discover Information on Sepulchure!
  • Death of a Knight - Defeat the DeathKnight!
  • Arr' Captain's Orders - See if you can help the Pirates find the Wind Orb!
  • +1 Pyronomicon - Gain the Pyronomicon from Xan with Warlic!
  • Walk Through Fire - See if you can help the Ninjas find the Jewel of the Four Winds!
  • Confront Sek-Duat - Search for the Light Orb!
  • A'maze'n - Explore all of the levels in the Lymcrest labyrinth!
  • Cold as Ice - Quest for the Ice Orb!
  • Part On, Olaf! - DragonLord's party with Olaf!
  • Elemental Chaos - Nythera causes trouble!
  • Secrets of Bacon! - Learn where element Bacon comes from!
  • Grrrberus! - Fight Grrrberus to keep Spots the two-headed puppy!
  • Shocking! - Battle to save the Energy Orb!
  • Burning Revenge - Quest for the Fire Orb!
  • Water you doing? - Quest for the Water Orb!
  • The Mystery is Afoot! - See what DragonGrasp holds!
  • Weave with me! - See what lies behind the equilibrium gate with Tomix!
  • Orb Extractor - Retrieve the Darkness Orb!
  • For SCIENCE! - Meet Lim, Falconreach's newest weaponsmith!
  • Face-Off! - Science or Magic, you choose!
  • Cutest Legion EVER - Zorbak tries to take over Amityvale with baby dracoliches!
  • EnTropic! - Quest for the Earth Orb!
  • Final 13th! - Complete the Book 1 Finale!
  • EGG-STIR-MIN-ATE - Defeat the infamous Dr. When!
  • Fallen General - Fight in the Rift War and what the opening cutscene for the Rising Fire War!
  • Avatar Ender - Defeat the Rising Fire War Boss; the possessed avatar, Fiamme!
  • Crystal Breaker - Break Jaania free from her crystal prison!
  • Fire Fighter - Defeat Titan Wargoth in the Chapter 2 Finale!
  • Wild Fighter - Defeat Wolf and Bear at the Forest Gate!
  • Heart of Darkness - Find your way through the deepest jungle!
  • Monkee Business - The innkeepers in Osprey Cove and Shadow of the Wind Village are up to no good!
  • Asander's Freedom - Free Asander's ghost in Blackwyn Tomb!
  • Special Delivery - Deliver all of Zapp's letters from Popsprocket!
  • Void Magic - Watch as Nythera grows into her powers!
  • I Spy - Discover the Falconreach spy!
  • Breaking Awe - Help Valencia hide the Blade of Awe!
  • Wanderer - Find Aria in Wanderland!
  • Mollo Destruction - Help Sir Vey restore the balance of Oaklore forest!
  • Idle Heroes - Sing your way through Falconreach Idles!
  • Locksmith - Hours of lcokpicking and all you got was this lousy badge?!
  • The ArchKnight - Help Batoro clean up the mean streets of nighttime Falconreach!

Holiday Badges

  • Icemaster - Complete Chapter One of the Frostval Holiday Storybook!
  • X-val! - Complete Chapter Two of the Frostval Holiday Storybook!
  • Naughty List - Complete Chapter Three of the Frostval Holiday Storybook!
  • Golem Breaker - Complete Chapter Four of the Frostval Holiday Storybook!
  • Bad Toys - Complete Chapter Five of the Frostval Holiday Storybook!
  • Merry Togsmas! - Complete Chapter Six of the Frostval Holiday Storybook!
  • #1 Threat: Bears - Help Sir Stephen find the secret cabal of bears out to ruin Hero's Heart Day
  • Bachelor PAR-TAY! - Artix is throwing Rolith's Bachelor Party for Hero's Heart Day 2013!
  • Wrestling Champion! - Beat all of the wrestling challenges too become the UDE Wrestling Champion during Hero's Heart Day 2013!
  • Mogloween '07 Masks! - Collect all of the 2007 masks in the Mogloween Holiday Storybook!
  • Mogloween '08 Masks! - Collect all of the 2008 masks in the Mogloween Holiday Storybook!
  • Mogloween '09 Masks! - Collect all of the 2009 masks in the Mogloween Holiday Storybook!
  • Mogloween '10 Masks! - Collect all of the 2010 masks in the Mogloween Holiday Storybook!
  • Mogloween '11 Masks! - Collect all of the 2011 masks in the Mogloween Holiday Storybook!
  • Mogloween '12 Masks! - Collect all of the 2012 masks in the Mogloween Holiday Storybook!
  • Resident: Sneevil - Sneevil in the Mogloween Holiday Storybook!
  • 48 Weeks Later - Complete 48 Weeks later in the Mogloween Holiday Storybook!
  • Catastrophic Candy - Complete Catastrophic Candy in the Mogloween Holiday Storybook!

PVP Badges

  • PvP Brawler - Aeris PVP Rank 5 badge!
  • PvP Arena Fighter - Aeris PVP Rank 10 badge!
  • PvP Prize Fighter - Aeris PVP Rank 15 badge!
  • PvP Grandmaster - Aeris PVP Rank 20 badge!

Skill Badges

  • Pet Training Mastery - Train all of the pets at Gram's pet shop!
  • Blacksmith Mastery - Attain Blacksmithing Rank 35!
  • Health Potion Mastery - Max out your health alchemy training with Reens!
  • Mana Potion Mastery - Max out your mana alchemy training with Alina!
  • Fishing Mastery - Collect all the Falconreach fish in your Aquarium
  • DoomWood Fishing - Collect all the fish in your aquarium in Doomwood!
  • Gourmet - Learn how to cook with Cooking Yaga!

Armor Badges

  • Base Armor - Fully trained Base Armor!
  • DeathKnight - Fully trained DeathKnight Armor from Malifact in the Necropolis!
  • DragonLord - Fully trained DragonLord Armor from Sunbreeze Grove!
  • Evolved DragonLord - Fully trained Evolved DragonLord Armor from Sunbreeze Grove!
  • DragonRider - Fully trained DragonRider armor in Sunbreeze Grove!
  • Ranger - Fully trained Ranger Armor from Zhoom in the Sandsea!
  • PumpkinLord - Fully trained PumpkinLord Armor from the Cauldron Sisters during Magloween!
  • Evolved PumpkinLord - Fully trained Evolved PumpkinLord Armor from the Cauldron Sisters during Magloween!
  • Frost Moglin - Fully trained Frost Moglin Armor during Frostval!
  • Necromancer - Fully trained Necromancer Armor from Artix at the Necropolis!
  • Paladin - Fully trained Paladin Armor from Artix at the Necropolis!
  • Dragonslayer - Fully trained DragonSlayer Armor from Galanoth in Dragesvard!
  • Primalized - Learn how to Primalize your dragon from Elysia in Sunbreeze Grove!
  • SoulWeaver - Fully trained SoulWeaver Armor from Tomix in Ravenloss!
  • Technomancer - Fully trained Technomancer Armor from Yix in Popsprocket!
  • Worthy - Unlock the Atealan Armors!
  • TogSlayer - Fully Trained TogSlayer Armor during Frostval!
  • Evolved Chickencow! - Own the Evolved ChickenCowLord Armor!

Random Badges

  • Home Owner - Home is where the hearth is... and the weapons... toys... skulls...


For a Level 50 Warrior/Riftwalker, I have the following amounts of Gold and Dragon Coins. If you know any more important items that I should obtain, please go to the discussion page. I will update this section weekly.

  • 220019 Gold (Number as of 12:01 PM on 10/06/2013)
  • 205 Dragon Coins (Number as of 07:39 PM on 9/28/2013)


House Items

Right now, I only have one house item, the Orb of Saving. I use it to save time for every time I log on to Dragonfable. If any one of you suggests for me to buy another GOLD House item, I will do so!


Wars I have completed so far:

  • Ebil War; 30 (0 Rare) Waves Defeated
  • Wrath of Wargoth: 106 (0 Rare) Waves Defeated
  • "13th 13th": 110 (1 Rare) Waves Defeated
  • Turducken: 27 (0 Rare) Turducken Waves Defeated
  • War of The Dragon Roses: 5 (0 Rare) Rose Waves Defeated
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