ShadowReaper of Doom
Level: 8
Location: Mysterious Stranger
Price: 28000 Gold
Sellback: 2800 Gold
Element: Darkness
Attack Type: Melee, Darkness
Damage: 36-68
Bonus: None
Rarity: 3
Following the great Undead Assault, the holy Axe of the Paladin Artix was cursed and infused with pure darkness to create this terrible weapon of unstoppable dark power.


ShadowReaper of Doom powered
  • Special Name: DOOOOOOOOOOM!
  • Special Activation: On-Hit
  • Special Damage: 5 extra damage for 5 turns
  • Special Element: Darkness
  • Special Damage Type: Melee
  • Special Rate: 5%
  • Note: 5 damage of the special attack becomes 10 if the enemy has any weakness to darkness.
  • Said to be the most powerful dark non Dragon Amulet weapon, having an average of 50^ DPT (Damage per Turn).

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