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Ravenloss is a large underground city beneath Falconreach. A small portion of it is accessible by going through a secret door behind a bookshelf in Town Hall in Damien's room, but the main entrance is a portal in Falconreach, in a small grove between the Falconreach bank and the statue of Warlic. This portal will only activate at night. In Book 3, Ravenloss is inhabited by all sorts of magical refugees from the rest of the world.

Up to date, it is still unknown as to why the town is buried, or if it has simply always been there. However, Ravenloss has not always been an inconspicuous place in past history.

There are several varieties of creatures down there, of which some are fairly unique to the area while others can be found elsewhere as well. Monsters can include, and are not limited to:

  • Undertogs
  • Death Widows
  • Embodiments

Two events of note connected to the underground city are Arachnattack! of 2007 and Chapter 4 of Mogloween in 2009, the former having a few species of the lower-lands rise up in aggression and the latter — although not really showing anything from Ravenloss itself — has the Corrupted Elemental Spirit, Greed, retreat into hiding in the shadowy depths below.

In present time, Ravenloss is open for exploration. Tomix, a SoulWeaver hunting Greed, can also be found at the starting screen, standing in front of the Equilibrium Gate.

There is a store called the Card Shoppe.

During Tomix's line of quests, one can find out more about the areas in Ravenloss such as:

  • Equilibrium Gate
  • Dusk Alley
  • Weaving Emporium
  • Mystlyk Museum
  • Dark Tower Penitentiary
  • Sewers
  • Altar Hill

Pellow Village lies behind the Equilibrium Gate.

The former ruler of Ravenloss is Vaal, a powerful ChaosWeaver who was punished by his creation: The Judgement Wheel, along with the other ChaosWeavers, imprisoning him and other ChaosWeavers in Pellow Village and turning the ChaosWeavers in Ravenloss into half-human half-spider creatures.