"COME! Face NOXUS and know the power of a TRUE NECROMANCER!"
Race: Human
Gender: None
Affiliation: Necromancy Unniversity and The Shadowscythe
Appears in: Darkness Orb Saga
Location: Unknown

Noxus was the Dean of Necromancy University in Doomwood.


He and his necromancer students created a huge army of undead for Sepulchure, but it was destroyed by the player and Artix as they attacked the Necropolis. In the final battle between the player and Noxus, he revealed that he had controlled the zombies that attacked Vayle and Artix's village. He also admitted that he'd been using Vayle because she had the power of the Darkness Orb within her. When she heard this, however, she joined with the player and Artix to defeat her former master. He returned in third chapter of Frostval: "Lumps of Coal" and he transformed everyone in Frostvale into coal. He wanted to use the Moglins as a powerful fuel source for his specially designed fireplace and to destroy Frostval and create NoX-mas to take its place. And since he wanted to get revenge on the hero for destroying his university, he chose the Moglins of Frostvale to be the ones transformed into coal, since the hero cared for them so much. He hired 2 Ninja Turtledoves to protect him, since his powers were still weakened from his last defeat.


  1. The Gate Keeper
  2. Artix Vs. The Undead
  3. Necropolis: Last Stand
  4. Noxus Fumes
  5. NoX-Mas
  6. Greatest Hug of All



Noxus also appears in AdventureQuest WORLDS having been brought back to life as a lich, and is also revealed to have trained Sepulchre and created his undead army.