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  • Objective: What is going on?!
  • Objective completed: You must find Aquella and ignore the voices.
  • Scaled Yes/No: Yes


You are knocked out by a falling rock from inside the underwater tower while exploring and encounter some strange shadows.

You walk across a multicoloured landscape called FragonDable with lots of glowing shapes and lots of flashing lights. You encounter some of the Adepts while walking around a narrow long pink tunnel which resembles the area of a strange temple. The last room is dark and pitch black as Kathool suddenly appears in front of you...

Kathool then gives you a vision of how Captain Davey was forced to give it the Water Orb in the past by sinking his own ship. The continuing vision also shows Kathool 'Achoo also transforming the rest of the Water Elves in the sunken city of Tethyls into its monstrous servants.

Kathool then implies the same thing could happen to you and commands you to find Aquella for its own purposes. The creature Kathool then states that you are powerless before casting a strong obedience spell on you.

You wake up and run off to find Aquella, while completely under Kathool's commands.


<Character>: ... (blinks) Wh-- Where am I? (runs off)

It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a Pae.

Type HELP for a list of COMMANDS.

You now have the torch. You should probbly use it. Simplest Puzzle Ever. Press Enter to continue.