Inferno Elemental
Fire Elemental
Level: Scaled
Location: 100 Rooms of Fiery Doom!, A Named Elemental, Fiery Heart of Mt. Shining Star, The Hot Gates, Hot Headed, The Wrath of Xan!, What's mine is mine, Miner's Barracks, The Lymcrest Labyrinth, Get Warlic's Ingredients, The River Of Fire, Xan's Volcanic Fortress, It's Elementary, Ashenvale (Quest), Battleon Burns!, DragonLord Defense
HP: Scaled
MP: Scaled
Monster Type: Elemental
Damage: Scaled
Damage Type: Melee
Element: Fire
Gold gained: Scaled
Experience gained: Scaled
Strength Strength Needed
Intellect Intellect Needed
Dexterity Dexterity Needed
Endurance Endurance Needed
Charisma Charisma Needed
Luck Luck Needed
Wisdom Wisdom Needed
Melee Melee Defense Needed
Pierce Pierce Defense Needed
Magic Magic Defense Needed
Parry Parry Defense Needed
Dodge Dodge Defense Needed
Block Block Defense Needed
Critical Critical Needed
Bonus Bonus Needed
Boost Boost Needed
Water: -100, Ice: -100 / -50, Fire: 200, Immobility: 10 / 0
Attack 1: Walks up to you and throws his arms up for one melee damage
Attack 2: Throws a fireball at you for one melee damage
Attack 3: N/A
Attack 4: N/A
Attack 5: N/A
Attack 6: N/A


Attack 1

Fire Elemental Attack 1

Attack 2

Fire Elemental Attack 2