DragonAmulet Update
This article contains information about content that is only available to players who have upgraded their characters and received a DragonAmulet.
Also See: DragonLord Armor, DragonRider Armor


A wealthy DragonLord who has already upgraded to the Custom Color variant of the DragonLord Armor may upgrade once again to the Evolved DragonLord Armor for 20,000 Gold.


Evolved DragonLord abilities are identical to the original and color custom DragonLord. See DragonLord Abilities

Custom Color Variant

The Evolved DragonLord Armor can be upgraded one final time for another 20,000 Gold. It unlocks the option to customize the color of your armor. It also unlocks different visual customizations for the armor. This can be changed in Armor Customization through the Falconreach Portal. You have the option to change your Pauldon, Body, Arms and Legs.


  • Each skill of the Evolved DragonLord Armor is unlocked along with its counterpart in the DragonLord Armor.
  • Fully train this class to obtain the Evolved DragonLord badge.


Renegade Dragonlord
Renegade Dragonlord Body 2
Renegade Dragonlord Body 3
Renegade Dragonlord Body 4
Knight Dragonlord
Draconic Dragonlord
Warden Dragonlord
Warden Dragonlord Pauldron 2
Feral Dragonlord
Feral Dragonlord 2
Equilibrium Dragonlord

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