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The player's Dragon Egg was originally located inside the Black Dragon Box and it was fabled that the Dragon of Chaos who was destined to destroy the world resided in this egg. The Hero hatched the Baby Dragon out of this egg.

Each egg has a different egg skill based on its symbol. The egg skills are listed below with the egg images.

Egg Effects

Effect(s) Description
Egg 1Dragon egg 1.png
  • Damaging, violent sneeze- DoT as high as normal attack for 3 turns
  • Power oozing away- Enemy damage decreases: (Boost -25%,3 turns)
  • Cannot see clearly- Enemy accuracy decreases:(-20 bonus. 2 turns )
Your attack infects the enemy
Egg 2Dragon egg 2.png
  • Enemy: scared by opponent's rage 4 turn(s) left, 600-800 DoT
Your rage leaves a damaging scar on your enemies
Egg 3Dragon egg 3.png
  • Adds +40% to boost, 3 turns
Your bold confidence increases your damage
Egg 4Dragon egg 4.png
  • Initial attack does roughly 1000 earth damage "Enemy is affected by aftershock"
  • 4 turns of DoT, 200-400 damage
Your every footsteps cause the ground to shake
Egg 5Dragon egg 5.png
  • Opponent is affected by Terrified! (1 turn of stun)
  • Opponent is affected by your ominous presence (Roughly 50% damage for 3 turns)
Your opponent trembles in fear at your power!
Egg 6Dragon egg 6.png
  • Increases your attack power over time:
    • Turn 1: +22% Boost
    • Turn 2: +44% Boost
    • Turn 3: +66% Boost
    • Turn 4: +88% Boost
Your primal rage increases your damage
Egg 7Dragon egg 7.png
  • Health Rip, 3 turns, roughly 500-700 damage
  • Mana Tear, 3 turns, roughly 300-500 damage
The arcane power within you destroys enemy HP and MP
Egg 8Dragon egg 8.png
  • Surprise your enemy with a guaranteed crit! 2 turns.
  • Evasion increased, 3 turns.
You suddenly blend in to your surroundings and hope to surprise your opponent!
Egg 9Dragon egg 9.png
  • Does two attacks: The Normal attack and a second is roughly 120% of the normal attack.
  • You gain 20% of the second attack for 3 turns, which is roughly 300 HP.
You feed on some of the health drained from your opponent!
Egg 10Dragon egg 10.png
  • Enemy receives 'hopelessly preparing against a massive attack' status for 3 turns.
  • After 3 turns, massive attack occurs with 2000-3000 damage
A mass of energy starts collecting
Egg 11Dragon egg 11.png
  • Heals 600-800 HP and MP for 3 turns
Your health and mana are magically restored
Egg 12Dragon egg 12.png
  • Dodge +150 for 2 turns
  • Enemy's bonus -40 for 1 turn
The wind suddenly lifts you off the ground, granting you exceptional evasion!
Egg 13Dragon egg 13.png
  • 2 turn stun.
  • 3 turn increased stun chance
Your opponent is distracted by the shine of the runes
Egg 14Dragon egg 14.png
  • Shadow Slash: 3 turns of DoT dealing 700-900 damage
A veil of darkness shadows your foe
Egg 15Dragon egg 15.png
  • "The plague greatly increases in size and damage!"
  • Attacked by a virulent plague!, 4 turn(s) left.
  • Damage is always the same.
    • 1st turn: 42
    • 2nd turn: 139
    • 3rd turn: 466
    • 4th turn: 1562
A plague strikes your opponent!
Egg 16Dragon egg 16.png
  • Enemy: Poisoned by radiation!, 3 turn(s) left (DoT for 400-600 damage)
  • Loss of power!, 3 turn(s) left (causes Boost -25%)
Your enemy becomes affected by radiation poisoning
Egg 17Dragon egg 17.png
  • Damaged by opponents crippling blow!(1 turn left)
  • Damage over time decreasing!(3 turns left)
  • First hit does roughly 1000 damage, then roughly 500, then roughly 500
You inflict a searing wound with a throbbing pain
Egg 18Dragon egg 18.png
  • Freezes foe to the core (2 turn stun)
Your Enemy has been exposed to a freezing chill
Egg 19Dragon egg 19.png
  • Enemy: Easier to hit, 3 turn(s) left; -75 dodge
  • Enemy: Slow attacks, 3 turn(s) left; -30 bonus
The flow of time has been disrupted for your enemy
Egg 20Dragon egg 20.png
  • A piercing screech debilitates your opponent!
  • Opponent is affected by Sonic Barrage: DoT for 3 turns, 300-600 damage
Piercing sound waves attack your opponent
Egg 21Dragon egg 21.png
  • Self: Critical Luck, +45 Critical for 4 turns
Your ability to do massive damage greatly increases!
Egg 22Dragon egg 22.png
  • Applies "Healing Circle" a 10 turn HOT healing approx. 200-300 per turn
  • Player status: Long-lasting cycle of HP healing, 10 turn(s) left
A wave of magic bathes you in long lasting healing!
Egg 23Dragon egg 23.png
  • First turn Reflect shield appears; during attack. Absorbs the opponent's damage.
  • Second turn: Opponent takes damage equal to the amount dealt to you in the previous turn.
The damage your opponent does to you will be reflected next turn!
Egg 24Dragon egg 24.png
  • Inflicts 2 different DoT to the enemy
    • "Being torn apart by the cyclone"- 3 turns, 300-600 wind damage
    • "Smashed by flying building material" - 3 turns, 300-600 wind damage
A swirling mass of air is covering up the battlefield
Egg 25Dragon egg 25.png
  • Self: Raven's Eye- Increased Accuracy! (3 Turns, +20 bonus)
  • Enemy: "Pendulum-like beats in song saps HP", Does DoT damage for 3 turns equal to normal attack
The sound of something wicked this way comes
Egg 26Dragon egg 26.png
  • "<Character> is affected by Disappearing Act!"
  • Your Character Effects:
    • Hard to miss attacks! for 3 turns
    • Now you see yourself...now you don't! for 3 turns (Your dragon disappear out of nowhere)
  • Enemy's Effects:
    • Struggling to find attacker! for 3 turns
    • After 3 turns: "You mysteriously reappear!"
A magic show...in the middle of the battle?
Egg 27Dragon egg 27.png
  • Enemy damage is decreased by -22% for 3 turns, maxing out at -66% boost on the third turn
A magical wall seals you from the inside, greatly reducing damage taken!
Egg 28Dragon egg 28.png
  • Your dragon performs a double attack
    • This works with all ATTACKING skills, including Burn and Megaburn, but does not include Coil and Mana Regen and Primal Skills
  • After 2 turns: "You no longer are hastened by arcane magic!"
Suddenly you gain immense speed and are gifted with attack twice
Egg 29Dragon egg 29.png
  • Gives random amounts of boost for 5 turns
You have entered a berserk rage
Egg 30Dragon egg 30.png
  • Berserk wound, 3 turn DoT
  • Crippling first then Searing pain, 3 turn DoT
You inflict a wound that grows in strength as you weaken
Egg 31Dragon egg 31.png
  • Self: Halo of the sun: increases damage temporarily (Boost +30% for 3 turns, reducing by 10% each turn)
  • Enemy: Blinded by darkness: (Bonus -30% for 3 turns, reducing by 10% each turn)
An eclipse covers the battle field
Egg 32Dragon egg 32.png
  • A 5 turn DoT attack that does the following:
    • 1st turn: "Pi smash" – 314 damage
    • 2nd turn: "Radial blast" – 159 damage
    • 3rd turn: "Diameter dash" – 265 damage
    • 4th turn: "Ratio Smack" – 358 damage
    • 5th turn: "15 decimal smack" - 979 damage
The glowing symbols release powerful mathemagics
Egg 33Dragon egg 33.png
  • Enemy crit decreased for 3 turns (Crit -20)
  • Enemy dodge decreased for 3 turns (Dodge -50)
  • Enemy damage decreased for 3 turns (Boost -25%)
  • Enemy accuracy decreased for 3 turns (Bonus -10)
The arcane runes glow, debilitating your foe.
Egg 34Dragon egg 34.png
  • Crit Increased for 3 turns (Crit +10)
  • Dodge Increased for 3 turns (Dodge +50)
  • Damage Increased for 3 turns (Boost 15%)
  • Accuracy Increased for 3 turns (Bonus +25%)
The runes glow sharpening all your senses
Egg 35Dragon egg 35.png
  • This egg is capable of doing any of the egg skills randomly. It can stack up to three different abilities at once in battle.
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