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DragonFable News

Dreamspace 2.jpg

Arena at the Edge of Time: The Untitled

November 05, 2021

This week sees the release of a new challenge in the Arena at the Edge of Time.

Head over to the Inn at the Edge of Time and check out the new challenge from the Dreamspace 2 board.

Autumn's DC Specials

The Autumn's Cull scythe, Helm of Autumn's Call, and Autumn's Grace are here for the month of November. Get them before they are gone at the end of the month!

You can get the DC DC Special items from the Book of Lore.

Autumns Cull.png

Mogloween DragonLord Coming Soon!

The reward for unlocking all neighborhoods from trick-or-treating is coming soon, but a preview is ready!


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Featured Article

A Dragon Amulet
The DragonAmulet unlocks special areas, quests, many powerful items and get more access to an expanding number of exclusive secret areas in the game. These areas contain incredibly rare and powerful weapons. As the game progresses, the Dragon Amulet will unveil more secret benefits including special story side-quests, the ability to speak in the language of the Dragons, and your ultimate destiny of becoming a DragonLord.



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