DeathKnight is one of the many classes that the Hero can obtain. Deathknight is one of the three classes that Artix can take you to.


DeathKnight Abilities.png
Name Level Mana Cost Cooldown Element Prerequisite Effect Description
1 0 0 Weapon None 1 hit for 140% damage Basic Attack
Necrotic Presence Shift
Necrotic Presence Shift.png
1 0 1 N/A Requires successful attack Shifts the Necrotic Presence passive DoT into a HoT that heals you instead.
  • Shifting again will bring back the DoT.
  • This does not increase the number of stacks you have.
Shift presence between DoT and HoT
Blood Tap
Blood Tap.png
1 30 9 Weapon Prerequisite 1 Hit of 110% Damage
  • Heals 8% of your HP
Restore health and strike!
Soul Slash
Soul Slash.png
1 26 5 Weapon Prerequisite 3 hits of 45% damage each, for a total of 135% damage
  • Inflicts "Soul Slash" Curse Element DoT, dealing 40% Weapon Damage for 5 turns
Furious attack that damages foes soul
Unholy Shadow
Unholy Shadow.png
1 36 2 Evil Prerequisite Attacks all enemies for 1 hit of 150% Evil damage Strikes all foes
1 35 15 Weapon Prerequisite 1 hit of 190% damage
  • 100% chance to crit
Guaranteed Crit
Instill Fear
Instill Fear.png
1 25 15 Weapon Prerequisite 1 hit of 140% damage
  • Inflicts "Overwhelming Fear'" 3-turn stun
Stun your foe with the fear of death
Garb of Undeath
Garb of Undeath.png
1 30 9 N/A Prerequisite M/P/M Def by +140 for 4 turns +140 Melee/Pierce/Magic
DragonAmulet Update.png
Inspire Weakness
Inspire Weakness.png
1 28 6 Weapon Prerequisite 1 hit of 155% damage
  • Inflicts a debuff on target for 4 turns for Crit -50, All -30
Weaken your foe
DragonAmulet Update.png
Unholy Will
Unholy Will.png
1 37 7 N/A Prerequisite 50% chance to stun
  • If successful inflicts "Will Broken" 1 turn DoT for 100% of targets damage
  • In unsuccessful inflicts "Will Bent" 1 turn DoT for 50% of targets gamage
Impose your will upon the foe
DragonAmulet Update.png
Dark Rite
Dark Rite.png
1 50 15 N/A Prerequisite Applies "Dark Renewal" 4 turn HoT for a total of 6.25% max HP'Inflicts "Dark Destruction" 4 sturn DoT on target for a total of 6.25% of your max HP Steal life over 4 turns
DragonAmulet Update.png
Soul Reap
Soul Reap.png
1 28 7 Weapon Prerequisite 1 hit of 60% damage
  • Applies buff for +30 Boost and +20 Bonus
  • Inflicts debuff on target for -30 Boost and -20 Bonus
Reap your foes power
DragonAmulet Update.png
Summon Minion
Summon Minion.png
1 20 1 Weapon Prerequisite 1 hit of 175% damage Summon your Minion
DragonAmulet Update.png
Empowered Armor Strike
Empowered Armor Strike.png
1 18 3 Weapon Prerequisite 1 hit of 150% damage Every DK item increases Dmg
DragonAmulet Update.png
1 35 10 Weapon Prerequisite 3 hits of 90% damage, for a total of 270% damage Destroy your foe


To train players must first fully unlock both the Paladin and Necromancer. After they may unlock for 1 Undead Slayer Badge and 1 additional badge to unlock each skill.

DeathKnight Items


DeathKnight Blade

Shadowed DeathKnight Blade

Unhallowed DeathKnight Blade

Zeclem's Blade


  • Permanently gain "Necrotic Presence" as long as you wear this armor.
    • Each of this class's skills grants it 1 stack of Necrotic Presence, capping at 20 stacks
    • Each stack strengthens its DoT or HoT effect by 5% of the player's min weapon damage
    • Effect can be toggled between DoT and HoT with the "Necrotic Presence Shift" skill, but only one effect can be active at a time.


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