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Design Notes 10-23-20: Mogloween 2020 Begins!

October 23, 2020

It's the Mogloween time of year once more! The smell of crunchy leaves and the sound of sweet candy fills the air... and the town of Croft appears on Lore once again.

The next chapter in the Mogloween Storybook: "Outgrowing Expectations" begins!

October Dragon Coin Special!

Bloodfarer Gear

Bloodfarer Gear

The Bloodfarer gear is color-custom and fashionable, fitting of an ancient sect of vampires.

If you're interested, pick them up in the Book of Lore before they leave at the end of the month!

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Verlyrus first appears in a box inside an abandoned house in Amityvale when the hero first visits after thawing out. After attempting to communicate with the hero via meowing, the hero believes they are to save Timmy from a well.

Verlyrus appears as a smoky-grey cat with light grey patches and dark, leopard-like spots. He has yellow eyes and a tuff of fur on his head. He is more mysterious then he first appears. He tends to be mischievous, sending the hero on several mostly pointless quests. He has shown affection in the past as well as exceptional intelligence.


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