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Book 3: The Royal Resistance: Ambition's Crossroads

December 11, 2020

As the Proclamation continues to wreak havoc across the Kingdom of Greenguard, your endeavor to save Lore continues in this week's quest: Ambition's Crossroads!

Head over to the Doomwood Camps from book 3 Swordhaven to play the newest story quest.

December's Dragon Coins special is available now!

Blessing of Kyanos

Obtain the Blessing of Kyanos, only available for this month from the Book of Lore! This frosty cape will be sure to make you look cool! Check it out if you're interested!

If you're interested, pick it up in the Book of Lore before it leaves at the end of the month!

End of Year Dragon Coin Special!

Dragon Coin Special 2020.png

Get 50% more Dragon Coins on Dragon Coin bundles (excluding Dragon Amulet and DoomKnight Bundles)! If you think the DF team has been doing well, now's a great time to show support for the game with this awesome deal!

Get the Artix Entertainment Launcher!

Flash will be gone in 2021! It is likely your web browser will force an update removing Flash functionality. If you want to keep enjoying DragonFable and other Flash based AE games you will need the AE Games Launcher!

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Featured article

The DragonAmulet unlocks special areas, quests, many powerful items and get more access to an expanding number of exclusive secret areas in the game. These areas contain incredibly rare and powerful weapons. As the game progresses, the Dragon Amulet will unveil more secret benefits including special story side-quests, the ability to speak in the language of the Dragons, and your ultimate destiny of becoming a DragonLord.


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