"I may not keep my word often but I've never made a threat I wasn't willing to keep, so now ye understand how things work on me ship."
Captain Blackberry
Race: Human(Formerly) Kraken
Gender: None
Affiliation: N/A
Appears in: Wind Orb Saga
Location: Captains Orders, Red Betty's Spell

Captian Blackberry was the captain of the pirate ship the Red Betty that is located in Osprey Cove.


A pirate named Crossbone found the Ruins of Kordana, and found out Kordana had the Wind Orb. Blackberry found Crossbone's diary telling him where to find the wind orb, the only piece of the puzzle he needed to finish was the spell he found 20 years ago in a strange chest in the ocean. He used the spell from the chest and wove it into the very planks of his ship the Red Betty. In order to finish the spell and become King Braken (God of the Sea) he needed the Wind Orb, but Kordana was too powerful for Blackberry to steal it. So in a last ditch effort, he leaked the location of the Wind Orb to Sepulchure, and Sepulchure sent Drakath to steal the Wind Orb from Kordana. He knew Sepulchure would keep it for himself so he tracked Drakath into a cave and sent the player to fight him, as it is only by battling his greatest foe could the wielder activate the orb. During the battle, the wind orb activated and spirited Drakath away to the Red Betty. At this point the wind orb would help Drakath no longer, so Blackberry instructed the hero to defeat him, and after the player defeated Drakath Blackberry took the Orb. Blackberry used the wind orb to activate the Red Betty's Spell and transformed into King Braken. But he was defeated after the hero summoned his dragon and battled him in Osprey Cove. Although his ultimate fate is untold, many believe that he is dead.


  1. Captains Orders
  2. Red Betty's Spell


This may create an apparent inconsistency with the information given in the entry for Okuchi No Okami. This is because players are supposed to choose whether they support the pirates or the ninjas, and complete one quest chain or the other. Players can complete both chains if they wish, but it leads to inconsistencies.