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Azaveyr, the Land of Fables, is a continent of Lore. It lies to west of the Land of Dragons, separated from it by Pasgur Ocean. The known parts of Azaveyr are divided into three regions: The Shapeless Empire, Tkaanie and Volkenraand.


Long ago, the Shapeless Empire was founded, a human theocracy under their artificial godhead, the Shapeless, and ruled by the Magesterium, an assembly of mages.

The continent was once home to dragons, who at first had forged a pact with the humans. After an event that the humans called a "betrayal" by the dragons, a long and gruesome war was fought, in which the dragons raided and destroyed settlements that they had previously sworn to protect. Among the combatants was Voyna, the "Angel of Azaveyr". Eventually, the dragons were driven out of Azaveyr and the continent was claimed by the victors.

The Empire also fought wars with Volkenraand, leaving Tkaanie between them as the battleground. While the two countries have not been seriously fighting for centuries, tensions remain.


Azaveyr is shaped like a dragon's wing and claws and possesses a long coastline towards Pasgur Ocean, while also stretching into northern waters. The claw-shaped northern parts of the continent are covered in ice, while the central parts have a temperate climate. Two major mountain-ranges extend throughout the land: The Bald Mountains in the west of the Shapeless Empire and a large range of tall, sharp mountains in the south that form Volkenraand and are said to extend beyond the cloud's edge.


Azaveyr is known for its silvered, white barked trees, which do not grow in the Land of Dragons.

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Azaveyr is home to Humans, who dominate Tkaanie and the Shapeless Empire. Tkaanie in particular has a strong connection to Elemental Spirits, while Volkenraand is inhabited by a number of different magical creatures, like the telepathic, bird-like rulers of the country, and others such as Dwarves, Gnomes, Elves and Clawkin, some of which are refugees from the Land of Dragons. Dragons used to be native to the continent, but were driven from it in the past.


Shapelessness, the cult of The Shapeless, is practiced in the Empire and Tkaanie. It is the dominant and only religion in the Empire. The religious customs of Volkenraand, if any, are unknown.


Monsters are considered household-spirits.


Azaveyr is home to particular kinds of magic. It is notable for its soul-based magic, which is used to create golems and used as a part of weaving, specifically in Edelia. Refined Magic is used by the Magesters of the Empire.


  • Many names, customs, and concepts of Azaveyr are inspired by real-life Slavic languages and cultures.