Amityvale bigger

Amityvale is a town that you can go there by the Travel in Falconreach. It is related to a small underground city called Doomwood. Doomwood is also known as Necropolis. In Amityvale has many monsters such as : Raven, Pumkin Slice, Gourdking, Bonefire, Shakespear, Swamp Shambler, Lagoon Goon, Lon, Yaga Sister, Dark Drinker, Guffer, Armadeadon, Deadwood, Flying Eyeball, Deadwood Destroyer, and Badbones. There are many NPCs ( Non-Playing Characters ) such as : Rosemary, Zorbak, Thursday, Artix, Lugosi, Wednesday, Mayor, Citizens, Mother, Sally, Lady Vayle and Villagers.