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  • Release Date: September 17th, 2010
  • Objective: Will you find the mysterious thief?
  • Objective completed: Who is this woman and how does she know your name?
  • Scaled Yes/No: Yes


  • (3) Ancient Bone Fire
  • (1) Ancient Shake Spear
  • (2) Ancient Shoulder Blades
  • (3) Darkness Elemental



  • Ancient Ring
  • Ancient Captain's Ring
  • Ancient Soldier's Ring
  • Ancient Commander's Ring


Guardian Fortuna: Valorus?!

  • A Dark Place
  • Back

Guardian Fortuna: Did... did you say, Lord Valorus?!
Guardian Fortuna: But... I don't understand... he disappeared almost a 1000 years ago?!
<Character>: Less disappeared and more... locked in the basement...
Guardian Fortuna: Did Valorus tel you what was held in the Tower? What Gorgok is after?
<Character>: His oath as a Guardian of the Thorn wouldn't allow him, but it doesn't matter... it's gone already.
Guardian Fortuna: Gone?! So Gorgok's minions have won...
<Character>: No, not Gorgok. Valorus said she looked like a rare item hunter.
Guardian Fortuna: Rare item hunter? We have several scavengers in town, but none who could be called that.
Rahl: Fortuna, the trader from yesterday...
Guardian Fortuna: Which way did she go, Rahl?
Rahl: North, towards the Badlands.
Guardian Fortuna: <Character>, you have to go after her. She's the only one Valorus could have meant when he said Rare Item hunter.
<Character>: Hundreds of villagers have fled Willowshire though. How will I know who you're talking about?
Guardian Fortuna: No one else has gone north. The Badlands are the remains of a 1000 year old battlefield... they're said to be cursed.
<Character>: So... chase after a woman, of which I don't have a description...
<Character>: Who might have stolen an incredibly powerful object, of which I don't know what it is...
<Character>: Into a barren wasteland which might possibly be cursed. Guardian Fortuna: You said Lord Valorus called you a hero. After everything you've done in Willowshire, I know you are.
Guardian Fortuna: Please, <Character>, find her. Recover the Secret of the Thorn.

<Character>: Stop right there, thief!
Rare Item Hunter: No, <Character>! Stop!
<Character>: Who... who are you?!